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Yellow Sunrise

Entering the Inlet at sunrise in a kayak is sometimes a spooky experience. With the overhanging trees covered in fog the silence is deafening. On one such outing the sun was just coming up over my right shoulder giving a golden glow to the Inlet. It was still extremely quite so I thought the wildlife was still cuddled up wherever they cuddle up. Hearing a swishing noise coming from the front I saw a large bird coming out of the sky trwoard me comming closer and closer and lower and lower. I raised my camera just long enough to get this shot when the bird came so close as to lean me over backward in my kayak causing me to almost capsize. To this day I do not know what kind of bird this was. I thought it might have been a Blue Heron but it made no horrible Heron squak as they usually do and Herons usually don't swoop down, instead they fly upward to get away from the intruder. Whatever it was it sure made for an exciting start of my day. Going Kayaking in Chippewa was one of my favorite things to do. Unfortunatly because of rustied hinges for knees and hips I can't do it anymore, I am just so thankful that I have a lot of photographs to remember it by.

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