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Inlet Sunrise

Inlet Sunrise 120823-54 The Inlet is a magical and eerie place at sunrise. As I paddle my Kayak to the mouth it is foggy and shrouded in darkness. Minute by minute the sun rises above the Ryan Road hill hitting the tops of the trees turning them into golden sunbursts of leaves. The Inlet below comes to life, Herons emerging from the foggy darkness suddenly see my kayak letting out their horrible squak they fly away. Mysteriously a Great Eagart stays to have it's photo taken. Kingfishers fly overhead never stopping their morning fishing long enough to get photographed. A Beaver swims toward my kayak totally unconcerned until it gets close to the kayak when suddenly it dives smacking it's tail on the way down throwing up a giant geyser of water scaring me to death even though I know it is comming. Then suddenly it is over The water starts moving losing it's sky reflection and returns to it's normal muddy brown. It's time to paddle home, the sun has risen, the eeriness and magical wonder has dissapeared.

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